Why Trump is going to win 2020 — An Unbiased article

Deepak Kamat
3 min readSep 14, 2020

Because the oppositions are running out of things to convince the American people that indeed “Orange Man Bad”.

Trump’s Nobel Peace Prize nomination is kind of a strange thing to pop-up in the news, it’s not even October yet and there are surprises already. It’s a surprise not because I think Donald J. Trump don’t deserve the award but the fact that they nominated him for it, it’s kind of fishy to me considering that Obama got nominated just weeks after he took office ( and got the award 11 months later, of course).

I am not sure how the nomination is going to turn out for Trump, but it looks like it’s not making a lot of buzz on the media, especially the one on the left. Maybe there’s no negative narrative to come up with this? Who knows.

Joe Biden, his opponent, I honestly have no hate or love for this person whatsoever, I don’t even know who he is properly. He has been in politics for more than 40 years, he is a professional politics to say the least, but the fact that Americans and generally people in all democracies are tired of politicians. We all know what they all say about politicians. We all do.

So Joe Biden being a career politicians works against himself. American people might not be ready for a politician to run the country, probably in the last 4 years they have found out that a business man can execute better deals and agreements and take important decisions without caring for his political affiliations, contacts and reputation. Trump can do things without these constrains and that’s the best part of it. Again, this is an unbiased article, if you think you are sensing biased (read ‘based’) opinions you are free to have a healthy debate in the comment section.

Again, coming back to Joe Biden. I am not going to talk about the virus, yes, many died around the World in the last 7–8 months and my condolences but the World needs to come back on track, we can not be hiding because of a virus forever, and that’s true. Definitely we need to protect our senior citizens and the ones who are at most risk of the virus but let’s face it indefinite lock-downs are not the answer. However, Biden, if his expert tells him to, will shut America down again. Then why not let the experts run the country and not Biden or any elected president if the expert’s words are final and binding, and that there’s no alternative. There’s always an alternative.

That was about the shutdowns and virus, however, Trump is rallying around the country, he seems like he is on a jetpack ride around the country. The Governors don’t want him to do it, so he found a loophole, he calls the rallies a protest and they let them do it! Tadaa. Talking about alternatives, this man sure knows how to find one.

However Biden went to a couple of places and that’s about it. I am not sure how many people would vote for someone who they know never visited their states / counties during the election run. People are over the virus fear, hold a few rally, Mr. Biden, gather some support.

I keep looking for videos of rallies on YouTube, videos on Trump’s channel “4 hours ago, 6 hours ago, 1 hour ago.. etc”, while videos on Biden’s channel “5 days ago, 2 days ago”… and those are not rallies, those are mostly campaign video ad, and if you get a transcript of the videos, the word “Trump” is mentioned 10 times more than Joe Biden’s name.

Again, I also watch interviews of people, turns out many people don’t even know who is running from the D’s side. That’s sad.



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