Easy way to buy SafeMoon in India

If you are looking to buy SafeMoon but can’t figure out how then this guide will help you through it — here I talk about my own personal experience of buying SafeMoon and what works the best for me.

Disclaimer: This is not a financial advise, not a full tutorial on how to buy SafeMoon. This guide assumes you have prior knowledge of using Wallets and crypto exchange to some extent.

First thing first, get TrustWallet

The place where you will hold your SafeMoon is going to be TrustWallet. Get the app from the app store / playstore and create your wallet.

Once you have your wallet ready it’s time to get going with getting your fiat into it. Now you can not buy SafeMoon on TrustWallet directly as it isn’t an Exchange but a wallet.

You need the help of an exchange to first deposit INR, then buy BNB with it.

Get help of an Exchange

What exchange is a big question. I have used the following (use my referral link for some goodies):

Why so many exchanges and not just one? Actually you can stick to just one if you like but my reason for using multiple are that if one is under maintenance or fund deposit is delay I can try the other ones.

What is the purpose of these exchanges?

You have your money in your bank account, to convert it into BNB you need an exchange. Best one to convert INR into BNB is ZebPay, why? Because the Wallet transfer fees are very low as compared to WazirX or CoinSwitch.

Then you may ask why I even mentioned it. Because while their BNB withdrawal fees are high, some coins in those exchanges don’t cost as much but that’s another story, you primarily need BNB to send to your TrustWallet, so let’s assume we use ZebPay for now.

Sign-up on ZebPay. There’s a KYC verification which gets done in just an hour or so. If you get stuck for some reason raise a ticket on the app.

I wrote a full article on explaining the process of adding money, buying BNB and sending it to trust wallet in this article:


Once you are verified

Add your bank, once that’s verified you will have to deposit INR in your ZebPay by sending money to the account number / IFSC they provide to you. Use only your bank’s application to send the money, do not use Gpay or other apps.

After you have sent your money you have to buy BNB on the exchange with the money.

BNB Purchased, now what?

Now here start’s a little back and forth. Go to your Trust Wallet, click on “Receive”, search for BNB. Click on it, you should get your BNB Wallet address. Make sure it starts with “bnb…” and not “0x”

Copy that and go back to ZebPay. Open Binance Coin (BNB) here, click on “Send”. To add your Trust Wallet BNB address enter the name (any name for you to recognize it), the wallet address and a memo (it’s optional but you can enter something like “trustwallet acc” or anything).

Send it. Now you may note that it may not be letting you send all your BNB, you have to keep some, reduce a few numbers at the end and try.

Once successful wait for the wallet transfer to be completed.

TrustWallet BNB to Smart Chain

Now you have to convert your BNB to Smart Chain, just another version of BNB on the BEP20 network, using which you can buy SafeMoon.

Once your wallet receives the BNB sent from ZebPay go into it and click on “Swap to Smart Chain”

Now you will get the screen to swap BNB to Smart Chain, just enter the amount, again you may have to adjust the amount a little lower otherwise it will keep showing “Insufficient Balance”

Once converted you will now have Smart Chain in your wallet. Now


Security tips:

Have questions? Comment and I will get back to you. Also join the amazing SafeMoon subreddit for more.

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