Recent developments on the origin of the Corona Virus has sparked new debates and yet again have raised questions about Wuhan Institute of Virology's integrity on the data they have shared.

Before we dig deeper I would like to note that I am not into any studies related to virology nor do I have any affiliations with any organizations or body, mentioned in the article or otherwise. This is purely what’s available from the Wuhan’s Lab official website (and its old snapshots)

The article contains snapshots of the website

DeFI season is on, and Deflationary tokens are talk of the town, SafeMoon and sorts. But the craze is dying down with the recent big dip but I today I talk about a new BSC Token which is unique and why it is unique you have to see for yourself.

Note: Not a financial advice.

With new Binance Smart Chain tokens people tend to buy and sell, basically trade it to make quick profits or some hold it for a longer period of time in the hopes of making a fortune when it goes parabolic.

I introduce $HODL to you…

The story of SafeMoon is definitely once in .. whatever number of new BSC tokens are spun each day. But the SafeMoon rocket took off already, the early investors hold a lot they bought in pennies, which now are worth hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Since the hype of SafeMoon took the crypto-space by storm many people have been searching to invest in projects that has a similar potential but there’s one big problem — not all BSC tokens are made equal.

What’s $HyMeteor

I wouldn’t say this was a co-ordinated scam, at least on Vitalik’s side I have no idea what his thinking was, whether he really thought that sending SHIBA INU ( $SHIB ) that was in his wallet as “burned” SHIB tokens as donation for liquidating it and then using the money for COVID relief in India was a good idea or he knew the consequences and still went ahead to do it.

Shib Token — from CoinMarketCap

Shiba Inu Token ( SHIB ), an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum network gained popularity just recently and its price shot up 20x in just days. …

Talking about Bitcoin, Litecoin then Dogecoin and now even the ones that are just emerging, some are just month olds are reaching highs that was unheard of for any alt-coins in matter of days.

$FCAKE — It’s like SafeMoon, but with a very low market cap (at the moment) which means it is like investing in SafeMoon but a month ago.

What does that mean? That means if you go for it, you are an early investor. Once the market cap goes all wild your gains will go up exponentially.

Disclaimer: This is not a financial advice. Do your own research before investing your money

Thing’s are going in an upward curve for Free Cake, for those looking to invest in new ideas and crypto it’s one of the choices you can make, so…

.. and withdraw it to a different wallet — for example TrustWallet to buy tokens that are not readily listed on exchanges available in your country.

This is an extension of the article I wrote about buying SafeMoon in India, while mentioned “India” the process is still pretty much the same for many countries where ZebPay works.

Create a ZebPay Account and complete the verification

Download ZebPay on your phone — you can search for it on your application store or go find it on this referral link (benefits for both of us):

ZebPay (download link) | Referral code: REF53052189

(make sure to use referral code while signing-up…

If you are looking to buy SafeMoon but can’t figure out how then this guide will help you through it — here I talk about my own personal experience of buying SafeMoon and what works the best for me.

Disclaimer: This is not a financial advise, not a full tutorial on how to buy SafeMoon. This guide assumes you have prior knowledge of using Wallets and crypto exchange to some extent.

But wait, SafeMoon rocket took off already, hop onto Hyper Meteor — the next big thing.

Buy HyperMeteor, the next SafeMoon —

First thing first, get TrustWallet

The place where you will hold your SafeMoon is going to be TrustWallet…

You wake up and you check your inbox — and on the top you see a notification from Gmail that your Google account, which you rely on for a lot of things, is no longer accessible.

That’s what happened to me almost a month ago, on a Monday morning

Reason? Google stated my email was used to send unwanted content. I was startled, I started thinking about any apps / sites I connected my account with which may have gone rogue and ended up sending spam using access to my Gmail account.

However I could not remember any such instance…

A lot of rumors and confusion going on in India’s cryptocurrency trader community. News media publishing half-truth articles that’s just creating more panic.

At the time of writing this article, 14th Feb 2021, there has been no release by any Govt. body of even signaling of a ban on cryptocurrency or its trading.

If you are reading news articles such as this one from Bloomberg Quint better take it with a grain of salt. The article is filled with loopholes and half-truth, and anonymous sources. That’s definitely not what legitimate article is made up of.

I have seen people talking…

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